Hey y’all! I’m Bren Elyse from Atlanta, GA and founder of Lively Careers, Business & Success Coaching for Big Dreamers. LC is a coaching business dedicated to helping job seekers  dominate their career goals.

As the youngest child in my family, I learned how to get what I wanted very early in life! Through a series of trial & error, mistakes, heartbreaks and many victories and blissful moments, I have finally found my true calling. It is my mission to help you see through the fog to uncover your maximum potential and your dream lifestyle.

With my previous experience in Communication, Marketing, Career Advising and Talent Acquisition, I am super excited to spread my knowledge of career exploration, job searching and work happiness with job seekers. The #1 goal here at LC, is to help amazing people get to their happy and lively career and lifestyle! The people who come to Lively (including YOU!) are individually wonderful in their own ways. All great employees, some are rightfully disgruntled, some feel something is missing. From Millennials to Baby Boomers- you name it! Let me help set you on the path toward becoming your liveliest self!